New Work at Splendorporium Nov 1st 2019

I am very excited to announce that I decided to get my hands into some glitter and canvas again, and have a piece that will be featured in Splendorporium Gallery’s Gilded show starting on November 1st, 2019.  This is a fantastic space located off of SE Powell and 21st St here in Portland, OR.  (You’ll see some of my process photos for the piece featured here.)  There has been something really unsettling and delightful about working with the Hannya mask imagery.  (Hannya masks depict a woman who has been overcome with jealousy/obsession/vengeance, and transforms into a demon.)  You can read a bit more here about Hannya masks:  It is an altogether unique concept; there is anger, yet also sadness and torment.  The Hannya masks bring a feeling of fright, but also compassion due to the anguish blended in.  At this time of year where we often contemplate darkness and the supernatural, it felt most fitting.  

Splendorporium - First Friday Nov 1st, 2019 6-9 PM 

3421 SE 21st Ave.

Portland, OR 97202

Halloween and Community Service

Halloween is a high holiday for me and we have entered my sacred time of the year.  I honor my goth teenager past by walking in graveyards and contemplating death, and I buy nine bags of candy and eat half the bags and give the rest out to the kids.  Actually, there are very few things that I feel are my adult duty, and handing out candy on Halloween is one of them.  I am the beneficiary of many years of kind, neighborly strangers who made my Halloweens exceptional.  Those very serious Halloween decorators who would create virtual haunted houses on their lawns.  The adults (friends’ parents and my Dad) taking us around to trick or treat.  A plethora of friendly locals who opened their door to give out free candy.  That’s a hell of a lot of people coming together to give me good memories.  I am grateful.  :-)  Continuing that tradition and paying it forward to the next generation, is something I believe in.  

Speaking of traditions, artists partake in “Inktober” where we challenge ourselves to up our creative output in the month of October, with many inspired to produce a piece every day.  Thus far, I have been inspired to do more personalized work and I will be sharing that work here as the month progresses.  

A very happy, and reflective spooky season to all.  

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