Hi!  My Name is Molly.

I am a Multi-Creative.

My creativity takes many forms: 
I am a Writer / Illustrator / Graphic Designer / Coach / Podcaster.  

As a teenager, I was highly influenced by independent filmmaking and I went to college with the intention of being a writer-director.  As education should, I was exposed to other creative mediums and movements, such as surrealism, pop art, experimental animation, printmaking, comic book art, and propaganda studies.  These greatly inspired me (and with the later inclusion of street art), became huge inspirations on the type of art that I would produce over the next two decades.  Freedom of creativity and production, and the ability to express an idea in a variety of mediums, has been a theme for me.  

As a writer, I wrote professionally for ITV2’s New Music Television, have had my work included in a published journal, written for two 48-hr film festival productions, had a script optioned, wrote for a Radio Theatre show and worked on the movie of Bring it On Again (which is a funny story and mildly traumatic in and of itself).  

In 2016, I was called back to my visual art roots and began working to create digital illustrations for postcards, t-shirts, and comics.  Humor, cyberpunk, propaganda, and Buddhism would become prominently featured in my work.  If I had a superpower I'd be fluent in every language spoken on planet Earth.  I often incorporate other languages into my illustrations.  I've studied Spanish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, and Sanskrit.  I'm fluent in none of the above, but I still try.  :-)

Film was my first love, and was also my gateway to getting involved with podcasting.  After being involved with several pop culture / film podcasts, editing episodes is what I enjoy most about the process.

I enjoy good French pastry, swimming, and anything neon.  I  live with my hubby and cat in Portland, OR.

Here's me in a moment of ecstasy over an In-N-Out burger.

The beach is where my soul is.  Legs on the left belong to the hubby.

My cat.  Moness, or by his formal name, the Holy Meow.  I grew up with the notion pets are family, but he took it a step further.  I understand now why the Egyptians had cat temples.

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